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What is 12?

12 is the new series in Common Place. For the next 12 weeks, we will be focusing on relational evangelism and missional living. The question is “How is your life echoing Christ in the world around you?” We will be looking in to the lives of missionaries to see how they do just that. You are encouraged to invited new friends and participate in the theme nights. You will earn points as individuals and as a team. Prizes will be awarded to the students who bring the most visitors, accumulate the most points and to the team that accumulates the most points.

Standard Point System

  • Attendance                                                                100 points
  • Bring your Bible                                                     200 points
  • 1st time visitor                                                        500 points
  • New Team Member (returning visitor)      250 points
  • Attendance of AM Worship                              100 points
  • Attendance of PM Worship                              100 points
  • Attendance of Man Up/Diner Girls               50 points
  • Offering for Missions (per $1)                         25 points
  • Team Community Project                               1000 points

There will be weekly points awarded for theme nights and
challenges. Bonus points can be given at the discretion of Common People Ministries.

Upcoming 12 Theme Nights

March 16         Superhero Night
                         Wear your favorite superhero shirt and/or mask

March 23         Hillbilly Night
                           Dress up (or down) country style

March 30         Team T-Shirt Night
                          Wear your team t-shirt

Schedule Subject to Change.
Points will be given for dressing up and for extra creativity. Modesty and school dress code still applies in each theme night. Don’t be a distraction at school when dressing for a theme night. Attire will be monitored by Common People Ministries.


What have you learned in 12 so far? Leave your comment below for this week’s bonus opportunity!


  1. I am loving 12!!!! The students are beginning to engage and enjoy what they are learning!

  2. I learned there are many opportunities available to spread the gospel… through missions and various organizations.
    It has been very enlightening.

  3. That it is the church’s job to take care of the orphans and widows.

  4. I have learned how dangerous it can be for people in other countries to be a Christian and to try to spread the word of God

  5. I’ve learned more about missions and what you do as a missionary. I’ve also learned about how God tells to you help others and gives you signs and talks to you about what He wants you to do. 1️⃣2️⃣

  6. Have learned about many different missionaries. Really enjoyed learning about Kristen because she talked about using her voice. I hope that some students may have picked up on that and are encouraged to stand and use their voice.

  7. We are All disciples. It’s not important what others think of what we are doing or teaching as long as we are listening to Jesus and following Him we are on the path!

  8. There are many ways to be a missionary and many ways to spread the word.

  9. I have learned so much about missionaries and what you should do as a christian.

  10. I have learned to not be scared of telling about my faith. I’m not so scared anymore just a little nervous. I also learned that I shouldn’t be scared to talk about since I have the freedom other countries and places don’t have. people in different places are being killed for sharing it. I’m not even threatened to be killed if I share my faith, so why am I nervous hen I get opportunities? I sit and pray and ask for oppurtunitie sand then I don’t take them. so i learned not to be scared and take opportunities.

  11. Fbc is awesome love it.

  12. I agree with all these comments. During these past few weeks I’ve learned to become more like myself and to not be scared of what others may think and whether they disagree with my beliefs. I will continue to do what I believe is right and keep helping others as I grow closer with The Lord.

  13. I have learned that it is everyone’s job to save the lost rather if it is a widow, orphan or a unloved one. For if we work together we can bring hope, love and scripture to those who need it.

  14. I learned that it is scary for missionary’s to share their faith in other country’s . I have also learned that it is our job to take care of the orphans and widows.

  15. That other people in different countries are trying to spread the word of God but it is very dangerous so we, the people that don’t have it so tough, need to do what we can to help them out. We need to fulfill our duties and help spread the word of others. Not just in the U.S. but worldwide. We need to help through mission trips and/or organizations.

  16. I am loving 12!! I have learned that there are many different kinds of missionaries at home and abroad! I also learned what kind of legacy previous missionaries have left for us to learn from.

  17. I also learned I can’t spell my name….you win some you loose some…

    • It’s ok, Sarah. It won’t be your name for too much longer anyway…lol

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