Common Life

Common Place Wed 6 – 7:30pm

Common Place is our weekly time of youth worship. This time usually consists of contemporary songs of worship, small group times, innovative media presentations and videos, and thematic message series from God’s Word directed toward understanding God’s purpose for life. Parents are welcomed to join us.

Common Word Sun 9:30 – 10:45am

Common Word is our Sunday morning small group bible study time. We are using a six-year plan that provides a basic foundation of God’s written Word through themes that challenge students to dive deeper in to knowing who God is and what we are to do with that knowledge in the world we live.  We teach eight essential truths through Common Word: God is, the Bible is God’s Word, People are God’s treasure, Jesus is God and Savior, the Holy Spirit is God and Empowerer, Salvation is by faith alone, the Church is God’s plan, and the Future is in God’s hands. Classes are age and gender based.

Common Work Sun 5 – 6:15pm

Common Work is the time we have designated for corporate discipleship training. The purpose of Common Work is to, in an intimate setting, teach students about being a follower of Christ and give them resources to move that point them toward devotion to Christ. This time includes video led series, book studies, small groups, times of discussion, and service projects.

Common Play Wed 3:30 – 6pm

Common Play is our time after school that allows students that will not have a ride back to church at 6pm for Common Place a safe environment to hang out until service begins. Drinks and snacks are available to them at a low price and a meal is provided for all at 5pm by our food ministry. Permission forms that define appropriate conduct are required for participation.

Diner Girls Tues 6:30-7:30am

Diner Girls (Girls Bible Study) is designed specifically for the girls to have a time to look at God’s Word and apply it to their lives. There is more time given to specific areas girls in the youth ministry may be dealing with and allows the girls to ask questions they have. We are also teaching the girls basic bible study skills to equip them for gleaning from God’s Word in their personal study.

Man Up Fri 6:45-7:45am

Man Up is a Bible Study specifically for the guys in our youth ministry. They meet every Friday morning at the Redwater Diner to discuss relevant issues and what it really means to be a man. To man up mean to step up to the responsibility of following Christ and leading others.