Reignite Love: God’s Creation

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“He clear cut me”.

Those words caught my attention as one of our youth leader’s, Roger Hooper spoke during our Reignite Love series. Interesting perspective from our resident forester as he shared with our students how his love for God grows as he loves God’s creation.  As a forester, Roger examines times, seasons, age of trees and other variables to determine the best time to harvest acres of trees.  He shared many times we have negative feelings about a piece of land that has had all the trees removed.  But no one really gets mad about clear cutting when you are driving down a 100+ mile highway like US Hwy 67  to get to Dallas or Little Rock, he laughed.  Roger shared several passages of Scripture expressing the Earth as God’s possession  and man’s responsibility and it’s true. Psalm 115 says clearly, “the earth he has given to man”. However, there is a great difference of opinions on how the earth should be treated. So for the sake of time, we won’t continue that debate. Search the Scriptures and listen to the Lord. 

But that one statement, “He clear cut me” still rings in my ear.

Roger realized something many years ago. Just like certain plants and trees, in order for him to grow and become what he was created to be, he needed to start over. In Psalm 51, the Psalmist said it this way, “create in me a clean heart, oh God and renew a right spirit within me”.  The writer of that psalm, David, had made some life choices that ruined him and broke his fellowship with God. He knew that the only way for his life to recover was for it to start over or as an East Texas forester might to say “I need You to clear cut me, God”. I need my life to be removed and replanted again. 

That Hebrew word translated “create” in Psalm 51 is unique in that it is an action only God can do. Both Roger and David had the same heart cry, God I need you to create me new, not upgrade me or leave a little bit of the things in my life that I want. No. God I need a clear cut. We find this same thought in Jesus’ words to Nicodemus in John 3, “you must be born again”. Everyone of us needs a new start, to be clear cut, to be born again. And God is the only one who can. 

It’s spring time now and it is a beautiful thing to see in God’s creation the wonder of renewal. Things bloom and grow and then wither and fade only to be renewed again every spring. In Psalm 51, David also prayed for renewal.  What a perfect time to consider where your life is, spring! Are you in need of renewal? Has your love for the Lord withered? Is it time for a spring in your relationship with God? Today is the day and God is the master forester/gardener. He is able to renew and create life if you will surrender to Him.

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