Reignite Love: God’s People

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While I was in college, I interviewed for a position at a homeless shelter. My future boss asked me if I had a motto that I lived by in life. With little hesitation I responded “Love God. Love people.”

On Wednesday night, we concluded our Reignite Love series talking about how we can reigniting our love for God through our love for people.

Sherry Feemster did a great job of explaining that loving people was a natural response of her loving God. She spoke about how God, from when she was young, had planted in her a desire to care for people and that has translated in to her career now of taking care of people in a place of brokenness, through social services. She spoke about how her job and the position she was in was her mission field, the place God had planted her to love Him and love others.

She said when she realized it wasn’t her job to fix people but to love them with God’s love, her position became much more fulfilling. She also gave us some really practical ways to love people, beginning first with our families and then moving to our school and jobs.

I think when I responded in my interview at the homeless shelter, I was answering out a place of desire, rather than reality and I think in a lot of ways, I am still answering that way. We can’t say we love God and not love our brothers (1 John 4:20-21). Everyday is a choice to love, to love God and to love others the way we love ourselves. Everyday is a new chance to love God more by the way we love others, in how we treat others, what we do for others, how we speak of others. Everyday we should desire to love God and love people, thinking of others and not just about ourselves.

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