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If you are looking for something to reignite your love relationship with God, you already have it, God’s Word.

One of our youth ministry leaders, Debbie Reed spoke of how renewing her love for God’s word has been a life-long factor in her relationship with God. Growing up in a church fellowship and attending the weekly bible studies and services, Debbie was aware of the Bible and even knew it was supposed to be important to a Christ-follower. So, like many “church babies”, she would strive to make time to be “in” the Word. However, distractions and schedules seem to pull at her like many teens and her time of being in the Word was given to other things.

Debbie shared that a time came as a teen when she realized what was missing, DESIRE. Relationships that are focused on duty or have-to tend to be dry, burdensome, tiring, and sometimes meaningless. It is when we live our relationships out of DESIRE that we experience quite the opposite.  Our relationships are fresh, full of freedom, exciting, and purposeful. For the Christ-follower, it is a choice of religion or relationship.  Religion tends to focus on do’s and don’ts. Yet the freedom comes when we understand that God calls us live from a desire in relationship and not the duty of religion.

Debbie said it best when she described that moment. She shared “it was about the Word being in me”. That’s it! Through relationship with God, His word becomes not a religious task of daily reading but a desire to know the one Who loves you and Whom you love.  Relationships are powerful, personal, and effectual.  If you consider your close relationships, you would recognize the more you spend time together, the more you sound like each other. The “you know” or the “it was like” that we hear from others now starts coming out of our mouth. 

Debbie began to realize that her desire to love God grew a love to hear from Him. And in those moments of being in His Word, the Word of God began to be in her and come from her.  Gives the Gatorade slogan “is it in you” a fresh thought.

Would you consider your love relationship with God today? Maybe it’s weak. Maybe it’s wandered. No matter how healthy it is or isn’t, here is a great way to deepen it. Reignite your love for God’s word.

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